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NID trip to South India

17-25 November 2004


In 1999, more than 100,000 Indian Rotary members and their families joined the government of India in immunizing more than 130 million children against polio on a single day, signalling the largest public health event ever in the world.

In November 2004, a team of 21 members participated in a trip of promotion in several villages and towns of southern India on National Immunization Day (Nov. 21). That day 180 million children in India became immunized.

By joining this event, Rotarians will have a close experience of the India that most tourists never see.

The deep south of India remained relatively unaffected by the alien invasions that rocked the North after 800 AD.  As a result, the ancient Hindu civilization has survived here in its purest and most fascinating form.  As we went on our mission on this trip, almost every day presented us with a breath-taking architecture and sculpture of South India’s temples. We couldn't miss them even if we tried!

The sub-tropical beauty of the palm-fringed countryside, the warm welcome of gentle village folk deeply rooted in the highly–developed culture of ancient India, these are some of the images that shall remain with us for a long time.



The NID trip was prepared by Dave Ellis, US and Sanjiv Saran, India.

Carol Metzker, US, was the team leader

    Sanjiv Saran   Carol Metzker


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