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RC of Rosenholm

South India NID 17-25 November 2004

18 Nov.

Depart from Chennai to Kanchipuram and Mahapalipuram

During the bus trip, Vasanth gave us a short lecture about India and taught us how to say good morning in Tamil (vanakkom). Team members talked about their valuable experiences and special Rotary projects.

En route – stop at Rajiv Gandhi memorial

En route – stop at the salt mound – Bay of Bengal washes into a basin, water dries leaving salt. It’s raked up and carried in woven baskets on women’s head to form a giant mound. The mountain is given a thatched covering to keep the salt from blowing away. Later it’s carried in baskets and loaded into 120-kilo burlap sacks.

Visits to two temples, handloom demonstration and silk shop

Metzkers, Ann and Andre - Afternoon walk along the beach of Bay of Bengal, seeing silhouette of Shore Temple


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