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RC of Rosenholm

South India NID 17-25 November 2004

20 Nov.

Morning visit to ashram paper factory to see paper made by hand – raw materials of cotton, rice husks, etc.; soaking materials and making it into pulp; pulp travelling through large pipes; placed on flat screens; water pressed out by workers in dilapidated plastic aprons; sheets of paper dried, dyed and hung on rooftop room; made into books, photo frames, stationery, etc.; workers earn 100 Rupees/day.

Chidambaram – Nataraja Temple – Dancing Shiva – large private temple of black granite

Project visit – Rotary Club of Chidambaram Eye Clinic

Open 3 evenings/week from 5-7 p.m.; has helped 600 patients with a wide variety of treatments from eye glasses to glaucoma medicine and cataract surgery; run by Dr. Kumar

Low-Cost Housing Project – Vallampadugai –

Supported by Rotary clubs of Japan and India; 6-year-old project; 20 families in an agricultural area who met certain criteria (based on earning capacity, size of family, etc.) pay no rent to live in a small home that costs 60,000 Rupees.

Note: The families can’t sell the homes because they belong to the Rotary club.)

Girls School

Playing basketball with the girls

Lunch with Chidambaram Rotarians

Travel to Kumbakonam and Hotel Swamimalai – luggage and a few travellers carried the last few minutes by bullock cart

Meeting and dinner with the Rotary clubs of Kumbakonam


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