Rotary Polio Team India:

10 to 23 November 2010




The Rotary India Dream Team


As the world awaits the fulfilment of Rotarys promise of total eradication of the polio virus from planet Earth, a few states in India are among the last bastions of this crippling disease.

Since 2008, our Rotary India Dream Teams have gone right into the heart of the Mewat District in the state of Haryana. The focus is on the villages of Pinagua, Tair, Punahana and Bisroo, where the latest polio cases had been reported as recently as January 2010, and where large sections of the local population still resist all efforts to get them to bring their children to the polio booths.


The Rotary India Dream Team - India Nov. 2010

will participate in a Polio NID (National Immunization Day) on Sunday Nov. 14, 2010. Our participation will be in the Mewat district (Haryana).*

The trip also offers a grand panorama of the fabulous art and sculpture that this ancient civilization has produced. It also presents many of the amazing, colourful facets of life on the streets and in the countryside that make up the ever-changing, ever-lasting kaleidoscope of India.

There will be time to explore remote villages and to make friends with colourful village people. The puckish humour and simple poetry of their lilting music and dance are a highlight of this trip.

In "Royal Rajasthan ", erstwhile princes still live in splendour, and peasants still bow to the descendants of their former rulers. Rajasthan retains the Romance of Rajputana: in its magnificent palaces, lakes and gardens, in royal hunting grounds that are now wildlife sanctuaries, and in the proud bearing and colourful dress of village folk who retain the rustic grace of their ancestors.


*Additional notes on Mewat and NID activities:

The Mewat area where we shall be going is not covered by any Rotary district. The Rotary Club of Delhi Megapolis (which this group will join as a team) is the only Rotary club to have supported any polio NID activity in this area, which we do in close collaboration with the Rotary India PolioPlus committee, WHO officials and the Mewat district Surgeon General, Chief Medical Officer etc. The reason we have gone so far afield is because this area is a real hotbed for the polio virus because of extreme local illiteracy and prejudices, and the district medical authorities need all the help they can get to promote the vaccinations.

The NID activities planned include street to street, village to village campaigning a day before the NID, and then manning the vaccine booths in pairs the following morning, in one of the worst affected areas in India. The focus is very high on targeting the most backward, most resistant populations where the virus is most rampant. As the booths are thickly spread out in these villages, the number of children coming up to any one booth is not as concentrated as, say, a booth in the heart of a slum area in Delhi - but the need for our effort is far greater here than in Delhi.


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